Unearthing Palworld’s Ancient Secrets


Palworld: How to Find Ancient Civilization Parts

Unlocking Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Palworld players who have defeated their first Syndicate Tower are probably eager to get their hands on Ancient Civilization Parts. These parts are essential for building more advanced machinery and equipment, but they can be quite elusive. Fortunately, there are several strategies for finding these valuable items after gaining some Ancient Technology Points.

Fight Boss Pals

One of the most reliable and repeatable methods for obtaining Ancient Civilization Parts is by facing off against boss Pals. These boss Pals can be found in the form of large glowing Lucky Pals or Pals with a red skull icon next to their health bar. When captured or defeated, these boss Pals will drop one to three Ancient Civilization Parts each time.

Explore Cave Dungeons

Players can also encounter boss Pals at the end of cave dungeons. Although the dungeons can be quite winding and time-consuming, marking cave entrances on your map or using an interactive map can help you rotate between different cave dungeons more regularly.

Unearthing Palworld’s Ancient Secrets

Tackle Boss Encounters in the Overworld

As players explore the world, they may come across boss Pal encounters marked on the map with their own icons. These boss encounters can be approached more regularly than dungeons, as the bosses respawn every 15 to 20 minutes. Prioritizing these bosses for acquiring parts is recommended, especially since many of them are close to fast travel locations on the starting islands.

Encounter Lucky Pals

Lucky Pals, which show up randomly throughout the world, can also provide players with Ancient Technology Parts. Players can locate these Pals by their white glowing aura and a distinct sound cue that plays when they are nearby. While lucky Pals are a reliable source of parts, they appear much less frequently than boss Pals.

Armed with a collection of Ancient Civilization Parts, players will be well on their way to expanding their settlement and creating advanced machinery in Palworld.

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Positive note: With numerous strategies for obtaining Ancient Civilization Parts, the world of Palworld is full of adventure and excitement for players seeking to expand their abilities and equipment.

Unearthing Palworld’s Ancient Secrets

Unearthing Palworld’s Ancient Secrets