Uncovering Hidden Discord Glitches


Discord Hidden (edited) Message Glitch

Uncovering the Discord Hidden (edited) Message Glitch

Have you ever wanted to hide the notorious (edited) tag from your messages on Discord? It turns out, there is a way to do it, but it involves a glitch. While this glitch goes against Discord’s transparency values, it raises interesting questions about message privacy and potential misuse.

The Elusive Discord Glitch

To achieve the (edited) message without it displaying the tag, users need to go through a series of steps within a web browser console. By replacing the message ID within the network activity code, they can effectively edit messages without the edited tag showing up. However, it’s important to note that this method involves obtaining the user’s Discord token, a critical piece of information that should never be leaked.

The Potential Impact

Although sending goofy or innocent messages is relatively harmless, the glitch poses the risk of scammers misusing it to deceive users. Furthermore, the possibility of using the glitch to get others banned on Discord servers is concerning. However, under certain circumstances, the glitch could also benefit users by preventing their messages from being logged by message loggers.

Uncovering Hidden Discord Glitches

The Ethical Dilemma

This discovery raises ethical questions about how users deal with privacy and security on the internet. Exploring and sharing bugs and glitches may prompt developers to fix these issues, but they also run the risk of people taking advantage of them.


While the hidden (edited) message glitch presents both ethical and security concerns, it ultimately highlights the need for vigilance and continuous improvement in online communication platforms and features.

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Uncovering Hidden Discord Glitches