Uncovering Coffeezilla’s $30M AI Scam


$30,000,000 AI Is Hiding a Scam

The $30,000,000 AI Scam Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Rabbit and Its Troubling Past

Amidst the tech world’s buzz, a promising product emerged – the Rabbit R1 AI assistant. Touted as a do-it-all device, it captured the attention of investors with its sleek promises. However, what lies beneath the surface tells a different tale.

The Origin Story: From NFTs to AI

Originally registered as Cyber Manufacturer Co, the company behind Rabbit underwent a mysterious name change just two months before its official launch. A closer look reveals a past filled with NFT projects and ambitious plans for a carbon-negative “Bitcoin 2.0” called Gamma. Despite distancing themselves from crypto now, their founder Jesse’s involvement in the Gamma project paints a different picture.

The Scam Unveiled: Broken Promises and Abandoned Ventures

As tech critics delved into the Rabbit R1, it became evident that the AI assistant fell short of its grand claims. Functionality issues and inaccuracies plagued the product, leading to a wave of skepticism. But what truly raises eyebrows is the company’s history of abandoning projects like Gamma, leaving investors in the lurch.

Uncovering Coffeezilla’s $30M AI Scam

A Trail of Unfulfilled Promises

Jesse’s lofty aspirations for Gamma, from clean energy grids to brain-controlled NPCs, painted a futuristic but far-fetched picture. The grandiose visions of a multi-dimensional project encompassing NFTs, clean energy, AI, comic books, and more left many questioning the feasibility of such a venture.

It’s evident that Rabbit’s foundation is built on shaky ground, with a track record of overpromising and underdelivering. From NFT hype to AI ambitions, the company’s trajectory raises red flags.

As the tech community unravels the secrets of Rabbit’s past, one thing becomes clear – transparency and accountability are crucial in the world of innovation. While the allure of cutting-edge technology is enticing, caution is warranted when promises sound too good to be true.

Despite the shadows cast by Rabbit’s questionable history, the tech industry remains a hotbed of innovation and creativity. As we navigate through the maze of startups and ventures, let us remember that behind every breakthrough lies the potential for positive change and advancement.

Uncovering Coffeezilla’s $30M AI Scam