Unbelievable Mistakes with Asmongold


This is always a mistake

Stream Drama: TheSommerset Responds to Criticisms About Her Streaming Schedule

Recently, TheSommerset had a candid moment on her stream, expressing frustration at criticisms regarding her streaming schedule. Asmongold Reacts to the emotional outburst, offering commentary on the situation.


When TheSommerset first started streaming, she dedicated countless hours to building her streaming career. However, she admitted to feeling burnt out and expressed the need to ease up a little. This led to backlash from viewers who felt she wasn’t streaming enough and wasn’t playing with the right people at the right times.

Emotional Response

During the stream, TheSommerset expressed her frustration, stating, “I’m tired, this is always a mistake. You never let up. If you want to let up, then don’t be surprised when other people let up.”

Unbelievable Mistakes with Asmongold

She also mentioned feeling disheartened by the constant nagging, and pointed out the challenges of being a streamer. She highlighted the pressure of being in the public eye and the difficulties of maintaining a consistent streaming schedule.

Asmongold’s Perspective

Asmongold Reacts to TheSommerset’s emotional plea, cautioning against getting too emotional about the situation. He asserts that trying to convince others to see things from your perspective can lead to unhappiness and frustration.


It’s clear that the life of a streamer comes with its own unique set of challenges. TheSommerset’s emotional response sheds light on the pressures and criticisms that streamers face. It’s important for viewers to understand and appreciate the demands of the streaming industry.

In the end, it’s crucial for content creators to prioritize their mental well-being and find a balance that works for them. It’s essential for viewers to show empathy and support towards their favorite streamers.

Let’s hope that TheSommerset and other content creators can navigate these challenges and continue to provide entertaining content for their audience.

Unbelievable Mistakes with Asmongold

Unbelievable Mistakes with Asmongold