Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring’s Return


Elden Ring’s Comin' Back, Baby

Elden Ring’s Expansion and Controller Leaks

Sure, we can probably all name our favorite game but can you name your favorite game news? Well, that’s where we come in.

Multiple clues and rumors suggest Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Air Tree expansion will come out at the end of the month. A new application has been added to the game’s downloadable content section on Steam according to Steam DB. This being the first time a new DLC package has been added to the game since launch, many are hypothesizing this could be the highly anticipated expansion.

Last month, an Elden Ring-themed controller made by Thrustmaster allegedly leaked images of the product tweeted by YouTuber Zoostorm. This product is claimed to launch in February of this year to sync with Shadow of the Air Tree’s release and Elden Ring’s anniversary. Meanwhile, collectible manufacturer Pure Arts announced their first Elden Ring collectible would launch in February. The Elden Ring playlist on Bandai Namco Europe’s YouTube channel was last updated on January 4th, which could allude to a private video like a trailer for Shadow of the Air Tree being added.

Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring’s Return

The Last of Us Part Two Remastered Reviews

The Last of Us Part Two Remastered releases in 3 days and reviews are already divided. Variety believes the game improves on perfection, emphasizing the new features. The game’s additions include the Lost Levels that feature developer commentary and a Rogue-like mode, offering players an entirely new experience. However, Jean Park of the Washington Post praised the game’s commentary on the cyclical nature of violence.

Joshua Rivera of Polygon writes that the game underlines Naughty Dog’s struggle to be both a studio specializing in action-packed adventure games and one that strives to tell complex and mature stories.

Foam Stars: The Splatoon-like Game You Forgot About

Launching first in February as a PlayStation Plus exclusive, Foam Stars is a game that resembles a hero shooter more than Splatoon, with various modes and unique gameplay elements. According to IGN, the game’s best mode is Rubber Duck Party, a push the objective gameplay where players are tasked to dance on top of a giant rubber duck DJ, similar to Overwatch-style objective play.

Squared Enix also used AI to create the in-game album covers for the songs in Foam Stars’ soundtrack, using simple prompts to produce abstract images.

Quick Bits

– STALKR 2: Heart of Chernobyl has been delayed again and set for release on September 5th after initial plans for a release in 2023.

Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring’s Return

– Stormgate, a real-time strategy game from former Warcraft and Starcraft developers, has raised $1.8 million on Kickstarter.

– Overwatch 2’s game director issued an apology for the announcement of a passive self-healing ability for tank and DPS heroes, promising further changes and improvements.

– The long-rumored Halo Battle Royale mode is rumored to be canceled.

– Ubisoft’s executive discussed the idea of gamers feeling comfortable not owning their games as part of the company’s rebranding of its subscription service.

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Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring’s Return

In conclusion, with Elden Ring’s expansion and leaks, The Last of Us Part Two Remastered reviews, and updates on various upcoming games, the gaming world is buzzing with excitement! 😊

Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring’s Return