Ultimate FF7 Materia Guide


FF7 Rebirth - How To Find and Use the Best Materia

Exploring the Best Materia in FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has taken the Materia system to new heights, offering a vast array of unique orbs to enhance your gameplay experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the best Materia you can find and how to effectively utilize them in your adventures across the planet.

Materia Fundamentals

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the elemental magic Materia like Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind. These foundational spells target elemental weaknesses and are crucial in combat.

Fire and Ice/Lightning and Wind Materia

The Fire and Ice, along with Lightning and Wind Materia, allow you to equip two elemental spells in a single slot. These spells are potent and can be obtained from Chadley in various regions. Pair them with characters like Aerith for maximum impact.

Ultimate FF7 Materia Guide

Time Materia

The Time Materia enables you to cast haste on your party members, increasing ATB charge rates significantly. Combine it with Magnify Materia for widespread effects on your team during battles.

Green Materia Honourable Mentions

Revival Materia allows you to revive fallen teammates, crucial for challenging encounters. Additionally, Poison Materia slowly weakens enemies over time, providing a strategic advantage.

How Blue Materia Works

Blue Materia requires linking to other Materia for enhanced effects. AP Up Materia accelerates the leveling process, making it ideal for long-term Materia combinations.

Elemental Materia

When linked with elemental spells, Elemental Materia adds elemental damage to basic attacks or provides resistance against specific elements when equipped defensively. It’s a versatile choice for tailored strategies.

Magnify Materia

Magnify Materia allows spells to affect multiple targets simultaneously, making it invaluable in group encounters. Experiment with different combinations to unleash its full potential.

Ultimate FF7 Materia Guide

How Yellow Materia Works

Yellow Materia offers unique abilities like Enemy Skill Materia, which grants access to powerful enemy skills and stat improvements. Chakra and Pray Materia provide healing options without depleting MP, perfect for hard mode challenges.

ATB Boost Materia

ATB Boost Materia doubles ATB charge for quick access to powerful spells during battles. It’s a game-changer in critical moments, enhancing your strategic options.

How Purple Materia Works

Purple Materia, such as First Strike Materia and Steadfast Block Materia, offer character improvements and combat advantages. Experiment with different stat boosts to suit your playstyle.

Auto-Unique Ability Materia

Auto-Unique Ability Materia automates character abilities, streamlining combat and allowing for more efficient use of powerful moves. It’s a handy addition for players seeking a hands-off approach.

While these recommendations cover a range of powerful Materia options, there are many more orbs to discover in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Dive into our comprehensive guide on IGN for a deeper look at the full spectrum of Materia available.

Ultimate FF7 Materia Guide

Embrace the diverse world of Materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and tailor your skills to conquer the challenges that await. Happy adventuring!

Ultimate FF7 Materia Guide