Uh-oh! They Picked Intel Graphics!


So, Uh…they chose Intel Graphics…

The Bold Choices of MSI and Intel Graphics

MSI’s Gaming Handheld

MSI’s upcoming gaming handheld has been leaked, showcasing a device with Intel Arc Alchemist XE graphics and support for up to 32 GB of RAM. The leaked images on Twitter reveal an intriguing device called the Claw, powered by Intel’s latest graphics technology. The choice of Intel graphics as opposed to the more traditional NVIDIA GPUs is certainly a bold move, causing ripples of curiosity among gamers eagerly awaiting more information. Unfortunately, not much is known about the display itself, but based on the device’s apparent aesthetic, the design is speculated to be visually impactful.

Leaked RTX 40 Series Super Card Prices

The upcoming RTX 40 Series Super Card prices have also been leaked, indicating what seems to be a more reasonable price range compared to previous models. The leaked information from a YouTube leaker suggests that the 4070 Super will be priced at $599, and the 4070 TI Super at $799. Additionally, there are claims that the 4080 Super will be $599. These specs have already garnered substantial attention in the gaming community, heating up discussions around the price and performance of NVIDIA’s newest offerings.

Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Key

Microsoft has made the rather unexpected decision to integrate an AI- dedicated key on its keyboards. The Co-pilot key, intended to invoke AI capabilities, will potentially replace an existing key on keyboards once released. Microsoft’s ambition for this endeavor has been compared to the introduction of the Windows key, although with the former being replaced rather than added. This innovation is both surprising and intriguing, prompting questions about the practicality and potential rise of AI in daily computing.

Uh-oh! They Picked Intel Graphics!

Quick Bits

In other news, Qualcomm has unveiled its new Snapdragon XR2 Plus chip for mixed reality headsets, sparking interest in the ongoing competition with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro. Additionally, Microsoft’s canceled accessories are making a comeback under a new design by Incase, reviving a line of accessories that enthusiasts had thought to be discontinued. Furthermore, a working semiconductor made of graphene has been developed, showing promise as a potential successor to silicon. Unsurprisingly, this innovative semiconductor has created quite a buzz in the tech world.

In a quirky and unexpected turn, a train manufacturer in Poland is under investigation for allegedly bricking its own trains after they were serviced at a competitor’s facility. Lastly, even after falling into public domain, Disney’s Steamboat Willie is apparently still being copyright struck on YouTube, raising puzzling questions about the complexities of copyright regulations and ownership.

In conclusion, the world of tech is a vibrant, rapidly changing landscape rife with bold decisions, unexpected turns, and innovative creations❗️ Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the ever-evolving realm of technology! Don’t forget to grab your exclusive discounts on ergonomic workplace solutions from MotionGrey using code LINUS at lmg.gg/motiongrey 🪑✨.

Uh-oh! They Picked Intel Graphics!