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    Ubisoft revealed a lot of interesting details about Assassin’s Creed Mirage: parkour, Baghdad, Basim and many more

    After the first gameplay of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, shown at the last Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft told a lot of Creed Mirage details, in particular, about the picturesque Baghdad, about Basim himself, about secondary characters, about excellent combat, about stealth, about parkour, about the Assassin Focus skill and much more, with regard to customization, skill tree and more.

    It seemed that after such an avalanche of details about Assassin’s Creed Mirage, nothing would be known until October 12, that is, before the release of the game. But just a few hours ago, Stéphane Boudon (Creative Director), Sarah Beaulieu (Storytelling Director) and Jean-Luc Sala (Art Director) took the time to talk about Mirage on Reddit and answer a whole host of questions. In general, without further ado, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the mass of details of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

    • After working on Mirage as a DLC for Valhalla, Ubisoft turned Assassin’s Creed Mirage into a completely standalone game over the course of several months. “The opportunity to work on the city of Baghdad and the character of Basim was too good to pass up,” he says.
    • At that time, the city of Baghdad was considered the center of the world, many artists lived in it, which is why it was decided to use this city for history. At that time, caliphs regularly traveled to Baghdad, so we will learn a lot of interesting things about how the origins of the uprising are connected with the origin of the Hidden Ones.
    • Speaking of the eagle of Enkidu, in the story we will get the answer to the question why he is the companion of Bashim.
    • The story will be close to the length of the first games, so we can expect 20 to 40 hours of gameplay during which we’ll play through the story, do research, etc.
    • As for the store, here we are in for surprises in the form of ISU items.
    • In all districts of Baghdad there will be an office of assassins, in which we will report to the RAAF and will be able to choose our next victims.
    • In the center of the plot is how Basim becomes a master of assassins, that is, we don’t have to train other assassins yet. It remains only to guess whether we will see a continuation or a trilogy about this character, with whom we will meet very soon.
    • In the game, we will meet more than ten historical figures of that time, including Ali ibn Muhammad, who has great potential, as well as the artist, who is still silent about, and whom we will meet on the streets of the Round City.
    • The central theme of the conflict in the plot will indeed be freedom.
    • Basim will have to face a strong desire to restore justice in Baghdad and his own conflicts.
    • For the studio, this is a great opportunity to create the story of Basim and a great character with a complex character almost from scratch.
    • The talismans that we will get will have an exclusively purely symbolic meaning, while many of them will be well hidden around the world.
    • At the end of the game, credits will be shown, which, unlike, for example, from Valhalla, were optional for viewing and were located in the in-game menu.
    • The gameplay will be very compact and will focus on the story of Basim during his time in Baghdad. Therefore, the story will be more important than in previous installments, so the game will have story cutscenes in real time to give context.
    • As we explore Baghdad and its environs, outside of the main storyline, we will encounter events on a global scale. We are waiting for meetings with interesting characters and other moments of the story that are not related to the plot itself.
    • In the design of the masks of the Order of the Ancients, a connection can be found with the origins of Assassin’s Creed, which also suggests the presence of the Order in the Babylonian era.
    • As for the origins of the series, the game will contain items reminiscent of previous eras.
    • The character of the inhabitants and their occupations will be different, just like each district in the Round City. For example, one of them will be associated with industry and the working class, the other with trade and commerce, and the third with science and education.
    • Each district has its own characteristics: factories, Grand Mosque, prison, Grand Bazaar, narrow streets, markets, pharmacies, a hospital (Bimaristan), House of Wisdom and much more.
    • In the heart of the empire – the Round City, in this part of the city you will see exquisite architecture, as well as Abbasid gardens, government offices, harems, a zoo and the Caliph’s palace.
    • The outfit was deliberately made with Basim in mind that he would wear it in “real life”. It will be possible to change the colors of the killer’s clothes, because in some circumstances it will be necessary to select one or another color of the outfit or change outfits if you need to get into a certain place.
    • A photo mode with more settings will appear, allowing you to capture the beauty of Baghdad and its stunning surroundings.
    • Famous historians worked on the game, trying to recreate and bring back to life the city, which is currently lost.
    • Baghdad will be really big. In terms of layout, it will depend on the district, so we will have some difficult areas, for example, slums, such as Anbar City and the Workers’ Quarter. Other areas will feature large avenues, and the Round City will have many labyrinths.
    • The “History of Baghdad” feature will give us the opportunity to enjoy getting to know the history that was revealed during development. Despite the fact that the city was destroyed in the XIII century, there will be a lot of information.
    • The revival of CODEX has become a reality.
    • Basim can unlock 3 levels for each of the 5 items available to him. For example, a smoke bomb can be modified into “Healing Steam” to restore Basim’s health.
    • New activities will also be available, such as contracts with pickpockets and searching for wandering targets.
    • The first target to kill will be mandatory, but after that we will be free to investigate the rest of the targets.
    • Work on the skill tree has not yet been completed, however, it is already known that opening access to each skill will have its own characteristics, in addition to those associated with the use of special skills.
    • Armor or equipment cannot be discarded, but it can be left unattended along with the equipment.
    • In order to mislead the enemies and penetrate the restricted areas, we will be able to merge with all civilians, with the exception of children.
    • Basim will constantly wear a hood and will not be able to take it off while in Baghdad, as was the case with Altair. It will be possible to see Basim without a hood only in the office or in the company of his associates in the Hidden Ones.
    • When it comes to parkour, the studio has put a lot of emphasis on fluidity and control, drawing inspiration from several old Assassin’s Creed games.
    • Jumping sideways, up and back while climbing won’t be part of Mirage’s parkour system, but the studio still put a lot of effort into implementing all of the above.
    • It will be necessary to make kills in order to fill the meter for using the Assassin Focus ability, which can be used optionally.
    • To date, Ubisoft has no plans for DLC or upcoming releases related to Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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