Twitter Police vs. YouTuber Steven He


Twitter Cops try canceling YouTuber Steven He

Twitter Cops try canceling YouTuber Steven He

Stephen He, a popular YouTuber with over 11 million subscribers, recently released a video titled “If Squid Game Was ACTUALLY Asian,” and some Twitter users were quick to express their discontent regarding the content. The video in question seemed to trigger a considerable response on Twitter, with over 11,000 likes and almost 300,000 views on the platform.

Twitter Backlash

One Twitter user posted a screenshot of Stephen He’s video with the caption, “yep, that’s racism in my YouTube recommended,” expressing that they found the content of the video offensive. This sparked a debate in the comments, with some users defending Stephen He and others criticizing the video.

Virtual Activism

The situation escalated as the tweet received over 12,000 likes, indicating a significant amount of engagement with the post. As the conversation unfolded, it became evident that the situation was not just about calling out racism but also about seeking attention and validation through social media engagement.

Twitter Police vs. YouTuber Steven He

The divisiveness of the situation brought into question the authenticity of armchair activism and the motives behind public outcry on social media. This incident highlights the fine line between genuine advocacy and performative activism driven by the pursuit of social media recognition.

In a bid to stay relevant and maintain an image of moral superiority, individuals who engage in armchair activism often prioritize popularity over the genuine cause they claim to champion. This behavior raises considerable doubts about the sincerity and integrity of their virtue signaling.

The incident with Stephen He’s video serves as a poignant example of the complex dynamics at play when online users confront issues related to race and cultural sensitivity. While it is essential to address matters of racism, it is equally critical to discern between sincere advocacy and attention-seeking behavior on social media platforms.

The situation surrounding Stephen He’s video presents an opportunity for introspection and reflection on the nature of online activism and discourse and encourages us to approach such matters with nuance and critical thinking.


Amidst the controversy, it is crucial to remember that meaningful dialogue and genuine efforts to combat racism occur beyond the confines of social media. Engaging in constructive discussion and taking substantive actions in support of racial equality helps to foster a society that values inclusivity and understanding.

Twitter Police vs. YouTuber Steven He

The incident involving Stephen He’s video on Twitter prompts us to reevaluate the nature of online activism and encourages a deeper understanding of the complexities that underpin discussions of race and sensitivity in the digital age.

In the end, authentic advocacy for important causes should take precedence over the pursuit of fleeting social media validation. By fostering an environment of genuine respect and understanding, we can collectively work towards a more inclusive and compassionate social landscape.

In conclusion, let’s strive to engage in meaningful conversations and actions that genuinely contribute to positive change in society. Embracing empathy and open-mindedness can lead us to a better, more interconnected world.

Let’s continue to promote dialogue and understanding to build a more inclusive future for all. 🌍✨

Twitter Police vs. YouTuber Steven He