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    Twitch opens SUBchallenge to select streamers from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy

    Twitch is bringing about the return of the SUBchallenge, a gift incentive program with multiple tiers but this time for select streamers from the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

    The streaming platform introduced the incentive program during its last Subtember, an event wherein subscriptions are discounted. Creators who reached designated subscriber goals, ranging from 100 to 5,000 subs, received specified gifts at the end of the month depending on their final placement. Gifts varied in scope from a Twitch-branded fanny pack to a full streaming tech bundle.

    This initial version of the SUBchallenge, previously dubbed the Subtember Subathon Challenge, was limited to 500 streamers from North America. But outside of the Subtember event, Twitch has expanded this program to select streamers from European countries. Twitch has designated 100 partners from Italy, 150 from U.K., 150 from Spain, 300 from France, and 300 from Germany, according to reporter Zach Bussy.

    While the SUBchallenge is essentially the same program, the categories have marginally changed in terms of sub goals. Found on the official information page, Twitch listed the different tiers and sub goals, which are the same for every country though exchanging euros for pounds in the case of the U.K.

    • 250 subs: Twitch beanie and 20 euro Amazon voucher
    • 750 subs: Twitch scarf, Twitch metal cup, 20 euro Amazon voucher, and Ring Light
    • 1,500 subs: Twitch backpack, Twitch scarf, 35 euro Amazon voucher, and Amazon Fire TV Cube
    • 2,500 subs: Twitch beanie, Twitch backpack, Twitch water bottle, Sonos One, and 50 euro Amazon voucher
    • 5,500 subs: Twitch beanie, Twitch travel bag, Twitch metal cup, Twitch water bottle, Oculus Quest 2, PC compatible capable, and 50 euro Amazon voucher

    The SUBchallenge will begin on April 11, with all participants receiving their prizes near the end of the month on April 24. Sign-ups are currently still available.

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