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    TSMC keeps pace with 3nm chip production schedule

    Taiwanese semiconductor company TSMC has responded to reports that its advanced 3nm chip technology is suffering from delays.

    Earlier today, reports from research firms TrendForce and Isaiah Research reported that TSMC’s 3nm process will face delays and affect the company’s partnership with US chip giant Intel Corporation, which has itself suffered from manufacturing problems for several years. TSMC’s response was standard template as the company declined to comment on its customers’ orders and said production technology was on schedule.

    These two reports were the latest in a series of news that cast doubt on TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing plans. The first news came early this year, when it was first rumored and then confirmed that Korean chipmaker Samsung Foundry would start producing 3nm chips ahead of TSMC.

    Statements made by TSMC head Dr. K.S. Wei said his company will start manufacturing 3nm chips in the second half of this year. As TSMC strives to maintain the technological prowess that has made it the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer.

    A TrendForce report says the firm believes the delay in 3nm manufacturing for Intel will hurt TSMC’s capital expenditures as it could lead to cost cuts in 2023.

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