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    Troubled horror optimization improved in new update for The Callisto Protocol

    Developers Striking Distance continue to release updates for the controversially enjoyable sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol. Immediately after the release of the story expansion, the team decided to fix a really important problem in the game. The problematic optimization of The Callisto Protocol on PC and consoles has finally been improved in a new update.

    In patch 5.03 for The Callisto Protocol, the developers focused on the overall performance of the game. The main problems of horror optimization were fixed a long time ago, but in this update, the authors decided to improve this aspect even more. The update reportedly brings in-game fixes for streaming data from the game world, which has a positive impact on performance.

    Here’s what else was fixed in the update:

    • Fixed an issue with ray tracing that was causing crashes.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from getting the inaccessible audio log in the Tower.
    • Fixed bugs and improved game stability on all platforms.

    The Callisto Protocol is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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