Trouble in Black: Amy Winehouse Biopic Teaser


Back to Black (Amy Winehouse Biopic) - Official Teaser Trailer (2024) Marisa Abela, Jack O'Connell

Back to Black: Honoring Amy Winehouse’s Legacy

The highly-anticipated biopic, Back to Black, is set to take the world by storm with its trailer released for the upcoming movie about the legendary singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse. Starring Marisa Abela, Jack O’Connell, Eddie Marsan, Juliet Cowan, and Lesley Manville, the film promises to capture the essence of Amy’s life and showcase her struggles with global fame.

The Captivating Team Behind the Project

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, Back to Black is an exciting collaboration, as it is written by Matt Greenhalgh, known for his work on Nowhere Boy and Control. Giles Martin, with his background in music production for Rocketman and The Beatles: Get Back, ensures that the film’s sound will be nothing short of exceptional. Notably, Nina Gold, recognized for her casting work in 1917 and The Power of the Dog, leads the casting of the film, ensuring that the characters are brought to life with authenticity.

Bringing Amy’s Story to the Big Screen

Produced by Alison Owen and Debra Hayward of Monumental Pictures, in addition to Nicky Kentish-Barnes, the film is set to provide an intimate glimpse into Amy’s life and her journey to stardom. Sam Taylor-Johnson, alongside Ron Halpern and Joe Naftalin of STUDIOCANAL, serves as executive producers, promising a visually stunning and emotionally compelling cinematic experience.

Trouble in Black: Amy Winehouse Biopic Teaser

Save the Date

Back to Black will be hitting cinemas across Australia on April 18, 2024. This release is eagerly awaited by fans of Amy Winehouse, as well as enthusiasts of biographical films and music history.

Winehouse’s impact on the music industry is as enduring as her soulful voice. Through this film, audiences can anticipate a heartfelt tribute to the incomparable talent and poignant story of a beloved artist. Get ready to be swept away by the melodic magic of Back to Black!

Trouble in Black: Amy Winehouse Biopic Teaser