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    Treat your butt right: Secretlab has a sale on some of its themed-chairs

    Secretlab is dropping the price on a handful of gaming chairs during its Summer sale. Save up to $50 on select Classics or 2022 Series chairs like a deadmau5 gaming chair. It’s great news if you’re a deadmau5 fan because it’s a way to show your love for the world’s most famous DJ’ing rodent and get a really good gaming chair at the same time. If this is your first order from Secretlab, they offer an additional $30 off for subscribing to their mailing list. 

    The best deal I spotted was the aforementioned deadmau5 chair Omega regular-sized series chairs (with leather), which are now $524 (opens in new tab), the lowest price we’ve seen them since the holidays. Most of the cheaper models with plain black designs seem to have already sold out though, so you should move quickly if you don’t want to pay full price for Secretlab chairs, as they are some of the best gaming chairs you can buy. 

    The other Classics Series chairs include all sorts of branding, from popular esports teams like Cloud9 and Astralis to more nerdy options like Game of Thrones (opens in new tab)and Batman (opens in new tab), and are also down in price.

    The Classics Series are mostly chairs from 2020, so if you want something a little more current (or require a larger seat), these Astralis and Worlds 2021 branded Titan XL Series chairs might be a little more your speed, since those too are on sale for $624 (opens in new tab). These XL chairs can accommodate the big and tall gamer, with a weight limit of 395lbs. Considering they usually go for nearly $800 at retail, it’s a pretty good deal for a top-quality gaming chair.

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