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    Tower of Fantasy global release date set for early August

    Developed by Hotta Games and Level Infinite, Tower of Fantasy is a new open world co-op game that will be shareware with gacha elements. The game finally has an official global launch date set for August 11th.

    Earlier this week, astute fans noticed that a tweet sent from the game’s official Twitter account hid a Morse code that hinted at an August 11 release date. The developers have since confirmed in a press release that this is the case, meaning it’s less than two weeks away from the official release.

    At first glance, Tower of Fantasy shares quite a few similarities with Genshin Impact, but there are many key differences in some systems, such as a greater emphasis on multiplayer (it’s an MMO, after all) and an even softer gacha system. The game also broke all pre-registration records, so there will be a lot of interesting things by the time it goes on sale.

    Tower of Fantasy will release on PC and mobile on August 11, 2022.

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