Touring Notch’s Hilarious House


Notch's House is Really Funny

Notch’s House: A Minecraft-Style Mansion

Notch, the creator of Minecraft, made headlines in 2014 when he purchased a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills, making it the most expensive house purchase at the time. But have you ever seen the inside of this luxurious property? The interior design, as it turns out, is a bit different from what you might expect.

Quartz Blocks and 300 IQ

The mansion’s interior design features a striking resemblance to elements from Minecraft, notably the use of quartz blocks. This quirky choice adds a unique touch to the property, invoking the gaming world that Notch is famous for creating.

Funny Details

A closer look inside reveals some funny and unexpected details, such as a room with an excessive number of chairs – a detail that seems reminiscent of video game construction. Additionally, the presence of multiple fire extinguisher displays adds to the quirky and unconventional design.

Touring Notch’s Hilarious House

In a surprising and amusing twist, the mansion even boasts a candy room right next to a gym, prompting the question of which room gets more use. All these features come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind living space.

Despite all these quirks, the mansion serves as a reminder of Notch’s creative and playful spirit. It may not be conventionally designed, but it certainly reflects the personality of the man behind Minecraft.

In conclusion, Notch’s house may be unconventional, but it is a testament to the creativity and unique vision that has made Minecraft a beloved game around the world. It’s a fascinating peek into the mind of a gaming legend, and a reminder that creativity knows no bounds.

Touring Notch’s Hilarious House