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    Top scoring Fortnite player has over 36,000 wins

    One of the best metrics to judge any Fortnite player is how many wins they have. Have you ever wondered what will be the most wins by a player in 5 years of Fortnite history? Your first guess might be some professional Fortnite network player like Bugha or TaySon. But in fact, this title belongs to the popular Twitch content creator under the pseudonym Ship.

    At the time of this article’s publication, Ship has a world record of 36,786 Fortnite wins across all game modes with a win rate of nearly 60%. He is ahead of the second player, “King J Terra” by 15,000 wins. Along with this, Ship also holds the world record for total kills with a staggering 404,583 frags in 61,490 matches.

    Ship is a Fortnite content creator that primarily plays and streams Battle Royale games on Twitch. He also has there is a channel on Youtubewhere he uploads VODS highlights from his stream.

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