Top 20 Gamer Christmas Gifts ’23


20 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers [2023]

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Gamers in 2023

20. Custom Controllers

Looking for a unique and personal gift for a gamer? Custom controllers from Xbox Design Lab, HexGaming, AimControllers, and End of the Line Designs are the way to go. These controllers are not only functional but also a work of art, making them a fantastic gift for any gamer.

19. Starfield Chunks

For fans of Bethesda’s “Starfield,” these fun and quirky prop cubes from Etsy are a must-have collectible. While they may not be edible, they are a unique and playful addition to any gamer’s collection.

18. Hori Split Pad Pro

Transform the Nintendo Switch into a comfortable, full-controller gaming experience with the Hori Split Pad Pro. Ideal for extended gaming sessions, this accessory is a thoughtful and practical gift for Switch gamers.

Top 20 Gamer Christmas Gifts ’23

17. The Analogue Pocket

For a nostalgic gaming experience, the Analogue Pocket is a handheld device that plays a wide range of classic games from various systems. With its sleek design and versatility, it’s a perfect gift for retro gaming enthusiasts.

16. The Steam Deck

The Steam Deck offers a portable gaming experience with a powerful hardware configuration. With the recent OLED refresh, it’s an excellent gift for gamers who want to take their PC games on the go.

15. Steam Deck Alternative – ASUS ROG Ally

An alternative to the Steam Deck, the ASUS ROG Ally offers a portable gaming solution with a competitive price point. For gamers who prefer a Windows-based handheld gaming experience, this is a compelling gift option.

14. Controllers for iPhone and Android

Enhance mobile gaming experiences with high-quality controllers like the Gamevice FLEX for iPhone, Backbone mobile gaming controller, and Razer Kishi V2 for Android. These controllers make gaming on smartphones more comfortable and enjoyable.

13. John Romero’s New Book

“Doom Guy: Life in First Person” by John Romero offers an insightful and engaging memoir for fans of id Software and classic first-person shooter games. Paired with the iconic “Masters of Doom,” it makes a compelling gift for gaming enthusiasts.

Top 20 Gamer Christmas Gifts ’23

12. Playstation 5 Pulse 3d Wireless Headset

The official PS5 headset, the Pulse 3D wireless headset, offers exceptional audio quality and comfort for immersive gaming experiences. It’s a thoughtful gift for PlayStation gamers looking to enhance their gameplay.

11. Sega Genesis Mini 2

Experience classic Sega games with the Sega Genesis Mini, featuring a collection of beloved titles and authentic USB controllers. Ideal for retro gaming fans, it’s a nostalgic and entertaining gift.

10. VR Headsets

Immerse into virtual worlds with VR headsets like the PlayStation VR2 with “Horizon: Call of the Wild” and the Meta Quest 2. These bundles deliver captivating VR experiences, making them an exciting gift for gamers.

9. Gaming Vinyls

Discover the joy of classic game soundtracks on vinyl with a selection of gaming vinyls from Fangamer and iam8bit. These collector’s items are a unique and visually stunning gift for audiophile gamers.

8. Physical Games!

For those who appreciate physical game collections, consider gifting Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 physical games. The tangible nature of physical games adds a satisfying touch to the gaming experience.

Top 20 Gamer Christmas Gifts ’23

7. Or Just Gift Cards

If you’re unsure about specific gaming preferences, consider the flexibility of gift cards from Target for video games. These gift cards allow recipients to choose their favorite games and digital content.

6. External SSDs for More Space

Expand gaming storage with external SSDs, providing a practical and essential gift for gamers who need additional space for their collection of games and media.

5. Handmade RGB LED Dark Souls Estus Flask

For fans of “Dark Souls,” a handmade RGB LED Estus Flask offers a unique and visually striking collectible. It’s a creative and thoughtful gift for fans of the iconic game series.

4. Switch OLED

Upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED model for a brighter and more vibrant gaming experience. With its enhanced display, it’s a premium gift for dedicated Switch gamers.

3. Stuff for PC Gaming on the TV

Enhance PC gaming experiences on the TV with wireless keyboard and mouse options, along with comfortable lap desks. These accessories make gaming from the couch a more convenient and enjoyable experience.

2. Starter Streamer Bundle

For aspiring content creators, a starter streamer bundle featuring an Elgato HD60X for capturing gameplay footage, a Blue Yeti USB microphone, and a Stream Deck MK.2 offers a comprehensive and beginner-friendly set for recording audio and video content.

1. Consoles!

The ultimate gift for any gamer – a new console! From the PlayStation 5 Slim with “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” bundle to the Xbox Series X “Diablo 4” bundle, these bundles offer top-tier gaming experiences and exciting game titles, making them the perfect gifts for the holiday season.

These top 20 Christmas gifts for gamers in 2023 span a wide range of gaming platforms and accessories. Whether it’s custom controllers, retro gaming experiences, or the latest gaming consoles, there’s a gift for every type of gamer. Embrace the joy of giving with these exciting and thoughtful gaming gifts!

Are you a gaming enthusiast excited about these gift ideas? Share your thoughts and join the conversation! It’s the season of giving, and what better way to spread joy than with the perfect gaming gift. Happy holidays!

Top 20 Gamer Christmas Gifts ’23