Tomb Raider: Remastered Review


Tomb Raider: Remastered is Superb - IGN Performance Review

Tomb Raider: Remastered – A Comprehensive Performance Review

Legacy of Lara Croft & Methodology

The iconic Lara Croft made her mark almost three decades ago, shaping the modern 3D era of gaming. Now, with the release of the Tomb Raider Remastered collection, players can relive her adventures with improved models, textures, lighting, and controls.

Model Improvements & Comparison

From the angular design of Lara to her revamped, more organic look, the remastered version shines. With enhanced textures, the new Lara model is a significant upgrade, although the RTX Remix version offers sharper textures and superior lighting.

Performance Testing: Series X|S, RTX, Sega Saturn, Windows 98

The remastered version runs smoothly at 60 FPS on most platforms, with the Series X delivering 4K output. In contrast, the RTX version demands more from hardware but offers stunning visuals.

Tomb Raider: Remastered Review

World Detail Improvements & Comparisons

While the remastered version enhances world details, the RTX Remix takes it a step further with realistic water effects and atmospheric visuals. Both updates surpass the original with better textures and geometry.

Lighting & Shadows, including Path Tracing

The RTX Remix excels in lighting and shadows, thanks to path tracing technology. The remastered version falls short in atmospheric lighting but shows improvement over the original’s vertex shading.

Controls & Input

The modern controls in the remastered version struggle, impacting gameplay precision compared to the original tank controls. Despite options like mouse and keyboard support, the old-school controls reign supreme.


The remastered version retains the original Lara’s voice and soundtrack, evoking nostalgia. Both versions offer enhanced cutscenes and videos, with the RTX Remix getting straight to the action.


In conclusion, the Tomb Raider Remastered collection presents a treasure trove of enhancements for fans of the classic series. While the RTX Remix dazzles with cutting-edge visuals, the remastered version offers a faithful upgrade with improved models and textures.

Tomb Raider: Remastered Review

Positive vibes abound as Tomb Raider continues to captivate players with its timeless adventures. So, gear up, raid some tombs, and immerse yourself in Lara Croft’s legendary world!

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Tomb Raider: Remastered Review