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    Tom Henderson: In addition to the Black Panther game, EA is working on an Iron Man game

    According to Tom Henderson’s sources, Electronic Arts is working on a game with Iron Man, the famous Marvel superhero. The insider’s post was in response to a rumor started a few days ago by Jeff Grubb who claimed that the company had another licensed game in development besides Black Panther.

    On Twitter, the journalist and gaming insider said that he had heard rumors that another game in development by EA was based on Iron Man, but he didn’t have enough information to make one of his classic reports.

    Tom Henderson is one of the most notorious insiders in the gaming scene, and in particular, over the past few months, he’s debunked a lot of rumors, especially those related to Ubisoft, Activision, and EA games. As such, he is a very reliable source, but in this case, he himself offered to take his latest information with a pinch of salt, promising to share a detailed report if and when he gets more specific information about this alleged Iron Man-starring project.

    As for the proposed Black Panther game, according to the details revealed by Jeff Grubb, it could be an open-world single-player game developed by a new studio led by Kevin Stevens, former Vice President of Monolith.

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