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    Tom Henderson: EA Motive’s new Iron Man game is already being tested

    It’s only been a few months since Motive officially announced that it’s working on a new Iron Man game. And according to the famous insider Tom Henderson, the game has already begun testing.

    A blog post on EA’s website calls the game “the first of several new games”. It talks about the development of a new long-term partnership between the company and Marvel Games.

    Insider sources said that testing of the game will begin from October 31 to November 2 and will be held in a 1v1 format in one of the EA studios. Although the invitation refers to “play testing”, this is not really testing in the classical sense, but rather an early focus group survey. This will likely include discussion of story points, game mechanics and modes.

    Following the announcement of Iron Man, Patrick Klaus, CEO of Motive Studios, said: “Our goal with an early announcement of the game is to invite developers who are as passionate about Marvel as we are to consider joining Motive. that we want to engage with the player community at the right time.”

    It hasn’t been officially revealed how long the Iron Man Motive game has been in development, but tests like this so early after the announcement suggest it’s been in pre-production for some time now.

    As seen on PlayGround

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