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    Tom Hanks was unhappy with the cartoon “Buzz Lightyear”

    Oscar winner Tom Hanks commented on the recent Disney/Pixar project Buzz Lightyear. The actor who gave voice to cowboy Woody in the Toy Story franchise was not thrilled with the idea.

    “Actually, I would love to work with Tim Allen again, but they didn’t let him return to the role. I don’t understand this, ”the actor complained in an interview with CinemaBlend.

    He also hinted that Chris Evans is not suitable for the role of astronaut Buzz: “This is done in order to drag people into cinemas. I prefer to go to the cinema with strangers and leave the hall with something in common.

    Earlier, Tim Allen said that the management of Disney did not support his idea of ​​​​a solo film about Buzz and instead made his own. Allen himself emphasized that “there is no Buzz without Woody.”

    “Lighter” was released worldwide in mid-June and grossed less than predicted ($190.4 million). In Russia, the cartoon will not appear due to the suspension of the Disney studio.

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