Timekeepers Review: Unlocking the Secrets of IGN Stargate


Stargate: Timekeepers Review

Exploring the Worlds of Stargate: Timekeepers

Stargate: Timekeepers takes players on a journey across varied alien worlds in a competent stealth tactics game, evoking the spirit of the beloved Stargate SG-1 television show. The game’s slightly campy tone is a nostalgic throwback to the earlier seasons of the show, offering a balance between humor and action that fans will appreciate.

A Familiar Universe

The game is set in the Stargate universe, picking up during the climactic battle for Antarctica and then venturing forth on a new adventure. However, it’s worth noting that the game is heavily steeped in Stargate lore, which might present a barrier for those unfamiliar with the series. There’s no hand-holding here, so players might find themselves wiki-diving to catch up on the backstory and terminology.

Meet the Team

The player is introduced to a new team of characters, each with their own unique abilities and roles. From the Intrepid leader reminiscent of Samantha Carter to the rebel jafa and the nervous science expert, the dynamics of the team offer an engaging mix of skills to navigate through the missions.

Timekeepers Review: Unlocking the Secrets of IGN Stargate

Tactical Gameplay

Timekeepers operates in a similar tactical style to the now-defunct Shadow Tactics and Shadow Gambit games. It requires players to utilize each character’s abilities in combination, whether it’s using Eva’s running gun doctrine or Sam’s ability to disguise as a jafa. The game offers a range of play styles and the ability to issue multiple orders for coordinated actions. However, there are some issues with the lack of reward for stealth and non-violence, as well as missing keyboard shortcuts that could benefit from further polish.

Rich Environments

Visually, Stargate: Timekeepers doesn’t disappoint, featuring rich and interesting alien environments that keep the gameplay engaging. From a starlit forest settlement to an ancient jungle temple, the level design provides a satisfying difficulty curve. The mission intros add a touch of nostalgia, formatted like the “Previously on…” recaps from the TV show.

A Mixed Bag

While the game successfully captures the essence of the Stargate universe, it’s not without its flaws. At times, there are issues with enemy behavior and enemy AI, which might detract from the overall experience. However, the game’s clean UI, readable subtitles, and loading screen details add to the immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

Despite its shortcomings, Stargate: Timekeepers successfully channels the spirit of the beloved Stargate universe in a solid tactics game. While there are some areas that could use refinement, the game’s overall experience offers a welcome trip down memory lane for Stargate fans.

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Timekeepers Review: Unlocking the Secrets of IGN Stargate

Timekeepers Review: Unlocking the Secrets of IGN Stargate