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    ThuundeRobot is preparing a compact and powerful MIX console with a 13th generation processor and RTX 4060 in a 1.7-liter chassis

    ThundeRobot, a major player in the Chinese market that has recently been actively working to conquer other foreign markets, is preparing to release a new game console called MIX, which bears noticeable similarities to Alienware’s now defunct Steam Machine console.

    It is equipped with a 13th generation Intel processor and NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics card, should debut on July 21 and is primarily aimed at the Chinese market. It is worth noting that the company has a significant market share in the region and is the third largest supplier of consumer laptops and gaming peripherals.

    The upcoming MIX is compact in size, about 60% smaller than the Xbox Series S at just 1.7 liters. Despite the uncertainty as to whether the RTX 4060 graphics card is a mobile or desktop variant, ThundeRobot said that the console will use the most powerful mobile processor from the Raptor Lake HX lineup, so overall performance should be quite high.

    The MIX console will cost about 6,000 yuan, which is about $830, and is expected to hit the Chinese market soon, so users who have long dreamed of a compact and powerful gaming computer should take a closer look at this model. Still, ordering a computer from China is not difficult, and at this price, the solution really looks more interesting than ordinary game consoles.

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