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    This D&D inspired game’s AI image generator is now free for all

    I love me a good AI Dungeon (opens in new tab) session, and I’m happy to announce the devs have just made their AI image generator free to use with the base AI. At the same time though, it looks like the free version now includes ads so, swings and roundabouts.

    If you’ve never heard of AI Dungeon before, think D&D but with an AI as your dungeon master. I’ve played through a lot of campaigns with this AI story generator, developed by Latitude (opens in new tab), and it’s not as terrible as you might expect. There are paid versions that use slightly more advanced AI models, but generally the base AI does a pretty neat job at creating a cohesive storyline.

    There are times it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the devs have included the option to redo and undo, to give the AI more of a chance to get it right. 

    Like all AI based games, it’s all about training the artificial intelligence model to generate the kind of story you’re after. Once you get that down, you can essentially just hit return and watch the story unfold with some incredible results.

    The 2D image feature of AI Dungeon lets the game illustrate these stories as they’re being generated. It used to be limited to paid users, and the results have always been… interesting (opens in new tab). As of today, though, the feature rolls out to non-paid users, meaning anyone can experience the strange wonders of AI illustrations along with their free campaign.

    (Image credit: Latitude)

    If you’re wondering how you can experience AI Dungeon’s 2D image feature, simply head into settings in the top right once you’ve chosen a campaign setting (opens in new tab), and Enable Beta Testing Features. That will reveal the option to Turn on AI Dungeon 2D.

    Make sure you tag us in some of the results over on Twitter, because we’re dying to see the full breadth of images the game has to offer. 

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