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    The world of the Lord of the Rings series differs from the Peter Jackson trilogy in its colorfulness

    American actress Ema Horvathwho played Arien in “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”revealed the features of the upcoming series, the world of which, according to her, will be much more colorful and beautiful than the trilogy Peter Jackson.

    As noted Howarth, Middle-earth and Numenor of the Second Age will amaze the audience with their beauty. For comparison, the actress cited “Lord of the Rings” by Peter Jacksonlooking, in her opinion, almost apocalyptic.

    It’s just very luxurious. You watch movies and everything seems almost apocalyptic. This is especially felt through my character, who is in Numenor. This is the most beautiful, colorful and vibrant place among those that we have seen before. Ema Horvath, American actress

    Recall that the premiere of the first season “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” take place in Amazon Prime 2 September.

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