The Wild Story of Skull and Bones


The Turbulent Story of Skull and Bones | IGN Inside Stories

The Turbulent Voyage of Skull and Bones | IGN Inside Stories

For years, many assumed Skull and Bones was a ghost ship; the Ubisoft pirate game that would never make it to harbor. The near-total silence surrounding it convinced people that it was permanently anchored at the port of development hell, or that it had already sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Each new delay prompted the same question: What on earth was happening inside Ubisoft Singapore?


In 2017, Ubisoft revealed a brand new pirate game at its annual E3 conference. The presentation was led by creative director Justin Farren, a member of Ubisoft’s Singapore studio and a veteran producer of Assassin’s Creed since the days of Black Flag. The game showcased a 5v5 arena-based multiplayer mode, rather than the seafaring MMO described by Farren.

Weathering the Storm

From 2017 to 2018, Skull and Bones faced multiple delays and continual design changes, leading to a narrative campaign and the 5v5 mode being scrapped in favor of the shared open-world survival game that it is today. Ubisoft had found themselves unable to reboot the game due to a lack of staff rotation.

The Wild Story of Skull and Bones

Changing Winds

After the transition to the new vision, Ubisoft Singapore struggled with complex work and shifting timelines due to the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series consoles. The swift rotation of senior staff further complicated development, with multiple departures and arrivals since the game’s unveiling.

Lost at Sea

In the summer of 2020, the studio faced allegations regarding workplace toxicity, harassment, and misconduct. As a result, managing director Hugues Ricour was removed from his position and replaced by Darryl Long, who moved to Singapore in March 2021.

New Horizons

Despite the challenges and several delays, Skull and Bones finally settled on a final release date for February 16, 2024. Ubisoft Singapore hopes this will mark the start of a thriving, passionate community of online pirates, with the commitment to continue developing the game through DLC and seasonal content.

The voyage may not have been smooth sailing, but the passion and dedication of the development team have brought Skull and Bones to the harbor at last. No doubt, the legend of Skull and Bones will carry on, forever etched in gaming history as a remarkable testament to resilience and creativity! 🏴‍☠️✨

The Wild Story of Skull and Bones