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    The turn-based tactical strategy Homicidal All-Stars was announced

    Good Shepherd Entertainment and the Artificer development team have announced Homicidal All-Stars, a single-player turn-based tactical survival game set in a dystopian future set in the violent reality show of the same name. Deep tactical gameplay revolves around unique characters pitted against each other in bloody combat that will test brains and brawn in equal measure. Homicidal All-Stars will release later this year for PC via Steam and GOG.

    Set in a future society stung by extreme income inequality, corporate greed, violence, war and climate change, Homicidal All-Stars is a wildly successful sensational show. Participants must survive by passing dangerous urban areas, which are complicated by deadly traps. Add to that puzzles that make your head spin, and heavily armed killers who also smash heads. If you can overcome all obstacles and not die, you will win and live as a star.

    Each episode of Homicidal All-Stars features a new hellish obstacle course with its own theme and special challenges. There are traps to avoid or disarm, ambushes to survive and useful sponsorship packages to find – oh yes, and always be on the lookout for special “surprises” prepared by the show’s management. After going through hell, you can relax backstage, chat with the other cast and crew, and do everything else a reality show does, like upgrade your character and prepare your weapons for the next round of brutal audience fun.

    As seen on PlayGround

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