The Truth About STEM Degrees and Why I Quit


The STEM Degree SCAM: Why I Quit Coding.

Is the STEM Degree a Scam?

The Realities of STEM

Ex-Google TechLead points out the stark reality of the STEM degree, emphasizing that the landscape has changed. As a former coder, he draws attention to the oversaturation of STEM fields, intense competition, and the ever-growing necessity of working against immigrant workers who are willing to accept lower pay and tougher conditions.

The Fall of Coding

The TechLead explains the shift in the coding industry, stating that coding is essentially about selling advertisements on premium apps and websites. He highlights the reality that competing in the attention economy against viral content is challenging and that popular media has gotten the upper hand against code.

The Competition Shift

Moving forward, the video highlights that social media influencers and no-code solutions have taken center stage, resulting in coding becoming a hobby rather than a career path. The video suggests that essential skills are being obsoleted and urges people not to compete in STEM alone, painting a grim picture of the competitive rat race in the STEM industry.

The Truth About STEM Degrees and Why I Quit

The Way Forward

The TechLead offers some alternatives to pursuing a STEM degree, like studying Bitcoin, entering the media industry, or finishing a current STEM program. He also suggests learning specific technical skills and highlights the necessity of entrepreneurship and seizing opportunities in different industries.

In conclusion, the TechLead acknowledges the shifting landscapes and urges viewers to explore the opportunities that exist beyond traditional STEM careers, ending on a positive note of curiosity about his viewers’ perspectives and opinions.

And with that, it’s a wrap! Thank you for reading, and remember – the future is full of opportunities! ✨

The Truth About STEM Degrees and Why I Quit