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    The Tower: To the Bottom Coming Late 2022 to PC

    Publisher Shueisha Games and developer Tasto Alpha have announced that The Tower: To the Bottom is coming to PC via Steam this fall.

    The Tower: To the Bottom is a roguelike where you lead a group of kids who live on top of a tower in their quest to get to the surface. The battles and various other challenges you will face in the tower can be solved by choosing from your deck of cards.

    However, the effects of your cards will change depending on how they are flipped. As with tarot cards, this means that a healing herb can turn into a poisonous root if turned over.

    Oddities and mysteries block the path to the surface, so find your own solutions to overcome the challenges and unravel the mysteries of the Tower as you get closer to the paradise that awaits on the surface.

    As seen on PlayGround

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