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    The streamer tried to play Getting Over It with a hammer and a cauldron

    German streamer HandOfBlood has broken new ground in the arms race of gamers using increasingly absurd controllers. He recently played the infamous super-complex Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy using a motion controller built into a flexible foam mallet while sitting in a black cauldron like the game’s protagonist.

    “It’s really a job, it’s not just sitting at the computer in sweatpants and playing with a super lightweight extreme professional mouse, no!” he exclaims at the beginning of the video.

    It took Streamer about 36 minutes to clear the first hurdle of the game. Later, HandOfBlood gives some advice to his audience: “People, always sit right in front of the computer,” he says. “Get yourself an ergonomic chair… or a boiler.”

    As seen on PlayGround

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