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    The Sandman series receives high marks from both critics and viewers

    The Sandman is now available on Netflix.

    Usually, when a production/distribution company embargoes before the release date of reviews of a film or television work, this is never a good sign, as it may mean that the company is afraid of possible negative reviews, which, if released too early, risk “ruining” the reputation of this work.

    However, that didn’t happen with The Sandman: While normally press previews were given to Netflix within weeks, the series based on the Neil Gaiman comic book was embargoed before the release date, but this time Netflix won’t have to fear the judgment of critics and bad: how can you see on the famous portal Rotten Tomatoes Critics have been very positive, and at the time of this writing, the series boasts a glorious 88% positive reviews. During these hours, the first reviews from ordinary viewers also come in, even more positive, with a 92% approval rating. On IMDB rating of the series, at the moment, also very good.

    Definitely good news for the creators who are still waiting for the Sandman Season 2 official announcement: can these positive reviews translate into viewing hours to sanction the series’ ultimate success? Let’s see.

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