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    The Russian Starcraft 2 team took second place in the Nation Wars tournament. The Polish team became the champion

    On Saturday, the semi-finals and the final of the Nation Wars 7 Starcraft 2 tournament were played. The Russian team, playing under the flag of Mir, managed to beat China in a tense semi-final, but lost to Poland in the final with a devastating score and eventually took second place.

    SKillous and Rattata really rocked this tournament. The team playing under the flag of “Mir” was not a favorite of Nation Wars, but went undefeated until the final. In the group stage, the Russians beat the Finnish national team and the Polish national team, sensationally advanced to the playoffs from the first place.

    In the quarter-finals, the Russian team in an extremely tense match defeated the French team with a score of 4:3 and secured a place in the top 4.

    The semi-finals and the final of the tournament were supposed to be held in a LAN format in France, but this time it did not work out. Of all the semi-finalists, only the US team was able to fully come to Paris. The Chinese, as expected, were unable to leave the country, nor could Rattata. The Polish Terran souL also decided not to travel for some reason. As a result, the national teams of Russia and Poland played in a “hybrid format” (one player was directly at the venue of the games, and the other played, as they say, online), and the Chinese played all the games from home.

    In their semi-finals against the Chinese team, SKillous and Rattata were leading 3:1, but something went wrong – and the representatives of China managed to level the score. SKillous still took an ace against TIME and brought the team to the final, but already there the Russians could not do anything with the Poles, who in their semi-finals simply did not notice the resistance of the US team.

    Great result for our guys. It’s a little pity that in the final we lost to Poland like that, especially since the same Poles had previously been beaten in the group. However, even without this, SKillous and Rattata managed to climb extremely high in this tournament: the Russian team has never won Nation Wars, and previously reached second place only once – in 2014, at the very first event of this series.

    The final distribution of places and prizes (only prizes):

    • 1st place: Poland – 3500 euros
    • 2nd place: Russia (under the flag of “Mir”) – 2000 euros
    • 3rd place: China – 1500 euros
    • 4th place: USA – 1000 euros
    • 5th–8th place: France, Mexico, South Korea, the Netherlands – 500 euros

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