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    The Rings of Talent mod for Elden Ring introduces a D&D-inspired class system

    The new mod for Elden Ring that was released this week introduces a new class system inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

    Rings of talent is an addition to the Reforged mod and introduces this new class system through 11 custom talismans that attempt to fit certain archetypes. Since each of these talismans represents a separate class with unique abilities and buffs, only one of them can be equipped at a time.

    These rings can be picked up very early on in the new game near the Floating Graveyard, in place of fingers (which have now been moved to the Waiting Chapel).

    The following classes are currently available: Assassin, Barbarian, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Caster, Thug, Tank, and Vampire.

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