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    The Return of the Living Dead: A Remake is in Development

    Taking advantage of an infamous copyright oversight, filmmakers are taking advantage of the opportunity to film their sequels and reboots. “Nights of the Living Dead” George Romero. Surprisingly, at the same time, the matter never came to a rethinking of another glorious horror that ridiculed the classics of the genre and became a cult itself. It’s about “Return of the Living Dead” (The Return of the Living Dead) Dan O’Bannon, which has grown into a separate franchise for 5 films. And on this, its growth, it seems, has not yet been stopped.

    Film company Living Dead Mediawho released horror “Kill Her Goat” And “Dirt”, announced plans to restart “Returns …”. The short description of the project on the official website says the following:

    Our Return of the Living Dead reboot will expand on the existing universe of 5 original films and stay true to the roots of the R-rated sci-fi horror comedy that has been adored by cult classic fans the world over for over 35 years.

    A director has already been found for the new version – he will be staging Steve Walsh, who has worked on the studio’s two aforementioned films. There has not yet been any news about the participation of any of the creators of the past tapes of the news series, although some people already hope that the role of Julie from the third part will return Melinda Clark.

    We will follow the updates, but for now, let’s recall the synopsis of the first film:

    In a remote medical warehouse, military containers of zombies were stored, mistakenly brought there many years ago. One far from perfect day, the tightness of the package was broken, the poisonous gas escaped, and now the dead from the neighboring cemetery are leaving their quiet haven to feast on the brains of the living.

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