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    The release of a minimalistic puzzle game Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite on consoles

    QUByte Interactive has announced that they will release Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite on July 28, 2022 on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PS5/4 and Nintendo Switch. Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is the latest game from the QUByte Interactive team, designed and built by their friends at Naoka Games. Having previously released games like Him & Her Collection and a number of “classic” games like PIKO’s The Humans, Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite offers a completely different gaming experience.

    Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is a minimalistic puzzle game. The player must move the pieces, forming logical chains to a relaxing and calm soundtrack. Challenge yourself on 135 different levels with varying degrees of difficulty, learning the behavior of logic doors and digital logic. The game features intuitive gameplay that does not require tutorials.

    As seen on PlayGround

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