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    The release date of the gloomy Slavic strategy Gord has been postponed to August 17

    The release date of the gloomy Slavic strategy Gord has been moved to August 17th. This shift in graphics is aimed at ensuring that the game will be released simultaneously on PC and consoles.

    The creators of the game say: “We have decided to release Gord a little later than previously announced on August 17. This is to ensure that the game can be released simultaneously on PC and consoles. We hope this does not interfere with your plans to launch the game, and look forward to welcoming you to our dark and dangerous world.”

    Set in a dark fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore, Gord allows players to lead the Dawn Tribe into forbidden territories. The goal of the game comes down to two points – to build a reliable base and conquer the darkness beyond. Players must complete quests that shape the identities of the tribe’s members and ultimately determine the fate of their community.

    Gord offers a wide variety of scenarios in which players’ settlements, called Gords, must evolve from simple structures to powerful fortresses. However, players must be ready for the challenge – their populations are constantly threatened by rival tribes, monstrous creatures, and mysterious forces lurking in the surrounding forests.

    Quests in the game go beyond the safe walls of the settlement. Main Objectives will drive the narrative, while Side Quests and Random Encounters will take players into the wild, where they can encounter legendary beasts, uncover the secrets of the ancients, or wipe out an unwelcome calamity. Players are encouraged to expect surprises.

    Maintaining a healthy population is essential to survival in Gord. Players must manage various aspects of their settlers’ lives, from physical health to psychological well-being. Everything from disease and starvation to personal tragedies can affect the psyche of every settler. Players must keep a close eye on their charges, as a critically low level of sanity can lead to mental breakdowns or desertion.

    In Gord, the favor of the gods can be obtained through prayer, potentially unlocking spellcasting abilities. These magic spells, both offensive and defensive, can turn the tide of battle. With the help of spells, you can hide territory from enemies, control fearsome beasts, or unleash fury on opponents.

    The game’s story is told through Chronicle, which combines real Slavic mythology with dark fantasy storytelling. The pages of the Chronicle will be scattered throughout the landscape of the game and will provide a unique challenge for dedicated players. Collecting these pages reveals the origins of gods, ancient factions, and the enigmatic Whisperers, adding depth and intrigue to the game.

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