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    The producer of “James Bond” spoke about the search for the next agent 007

    James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has revealed plans for the next phase of the iconic character’s new adventure. Broccoli said the next 007 movie is about two years away from filming as the studio works to reinvent the character and find a replacement for former protagonist Daniel Craig.

    James Bond has been a staple of the cinematic universe since its inception in May 1963 with the release of Dr. No, starring Scottish actor Sean Connery, the first leading man to play the title role. Since Connery, several talented actors have played 007, and Craig and Pierce Brosnan have embodied the last two images of the iconic character.

    During her conversation with Deadline, Broccoli didn’t budge on who would play James Bond next, but she did offer some insight into the next steps that would be taken.

    Nobody claims to win. We decide where to go with him, we discuss it. There is no script, and we can’t come up with one until we decide how we should approach the next movie, because it’s really a Bond reimagining. We are reinventing it, and that takes time. I would say that there are at least two years left before filming.

    Craig recently ended his 15-year career as 007, which began in 2006 with Casino Royale. The actor’s last film came out in 2021 with No Time to Die, the fourth highest-grossing film in the world that year, grossing over $770 million worldwide. It will be interesting to see which direction the character takes, but what cannot be denied is the fandom surrounding the charismatic figure.

    There have been speculations over the years as to who the next 007 will be, but nothing concrete has been confirmed or recorded. Bond Craig’s death in No Time to Die opened up a vacancy, but the critical process of finding his replacement is a task that Broccoli will need time to complete. Craig’s performance is truly considered one of the best James Bond portrayals, so it’s important to find someone who can raise the bar even more. With about two years left before filming, the announcement of the next leading star of the 007 universe should come out in the coming months.

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