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    The price of Xbox and PlayStation consoles in Russia has decreased significantly

    For the first time in Russia, PlayStation and Xbox consoles began to cost less than at the start of sales in 2020.

    So, initially the Xbox Series X console cost 45.5 thousand rubles. In January 2022, it could be bought for 55-60 thousand rubles. Now it costs 40 thousand rubles.

    The Sony PlayStation console at the beginning of sales cost 47 thousand rubles. Then its price increased to 70 thousand rubles. Now it can be purchased for 48-56 thousand rubles.

    On average, Xbox are 22% cheaper than a year ago, and PlayStation is 20%.

    Retailers believe that the reason for this price reduction was several factors. The number of set-top boxes on the market now significantly exceeds the number of people who want to buy them. Russian users are experiencing difficulties with the acquisition of digital copies of games. In addition, Microsoft in May blocked access to devices imported through parallel imports, and Sony applied similar measures to the Turkish accounts of Russians.

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