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    The player built an incredibly beautiful village on air islands in Minecraft

    For many users, Minecraft is a means of making fantasy come true. They enter the Mojang Studios project and begin to build houses, mechanisms, fortresses, villages and even entire cities. Among such enthusiasts is a user under the pseudonym jofcroxford. The player has created a small village in Minecraft, which is located in the sky.

    construction includes three islands suspended in the air. They are connected by hanging bridges for movement. The whole territory is decorated with vegetation and green areas, but trees stand out in particular. The enthusiast made the foliage pink, which refers to sakura and Asian surroundings.

    Two houses that are built on the islands also have oriental notes. This can be seen in the design of the roofs and lanterns. But the basic architecture is still closer to the western. Whether the interiors of these buildings are decorated, jofcroxford did not specify. To visit the air village, you need to install the Elytra Pro extension. It removes the flight restrictions in the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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