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    The number of ChatGPT users has fallen for the first time since launch

    In June of this year, ChatGPT experienced a drop in user numbers for the first time in its history: a site dedicated to the popular OpenAI chatbot saw a nearly 10 percent drop in traffic.

    According to Similarweb and the Washington Post, in June 2023, the number of users connecting to ChatGPT dropped by 9.7 percent, which, according to Sensor Tower, was also reflected in a decrease in the number of downloads of the dedicated app on iOS.

    It’s hard to say if this is the start of a trend, but it’s quite interesting to note how after several months of steady growth in interest and use of this generative AI-focused tool, last month saw the first notable drop in client usage, both via the web and via dedicated mobile app.

    The peak at the moment was reached in February-March, when Microsoft released the public version of Bing AI and interest in this kind of technology grew to a large extent and covered a large number of users.

    According to The Post, a possible explanation for this drop in traffic may be related to the end of the school year: it seems that a significant part of the use of ChatGPT was related to studies and research conducted by students on various topics, which confirms that AI could be an effective auxiliary tool for performing homework.

    Other reasons may be related to the restrictions that various companies impose on their employees: in this regard, the case of Samsung became known, which banned employees from using AI chatbots, fearing possible data leaks.

    In any case, this downturn only affects the public use of ChatGPT, but this does not mean that the technology is in crisis, given that the bulk of the business is related to services provided on the business side, which obviously continues to remain unchanged.

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