The Normal & Fine Night Out – ALL ENDINGS


A Wholesome Story Where Everything Is Normal & Fine - Fia's Night Out ALL ENDINGS

Experience a Wholesome Adventure with Fia’s Night Out!

Step into the heartwarming world of Fia’s Night Out, a wholesome RPG Maker game created by Arcade Kitten. In this game, players take on the role of a fox child, on a quest for a normal and fun night out. Sounds simple, right? But is everything as normal and fine as it seems? Let’s dive into the details of this adorable game with all 3 endings!

Embarking on a Wholesome Adventure

Fia’s Night Out presents players with a heartwarming narrative as they guide Fia through the exciting escapade of sneaking out for a fun-filled adventure. The game captures the innocence and wonder of childhood as Fia explores her surroundings and encounters various objects, each with its own little story.

A Glimpse into Fia’s World

The game gives players a peek into Fia’s quaint little world, filled with endearing characters, familiar settings, and simple delights. From precious stuffed animals to carefully hidden treats, every detail adds to the charm of the game.

The Normal & Fine Night Out – ALL ENDINGS

Exploring All Three Endings

As players progress through the game, they have the opportunity to experience all three possible endings. Each ending offers a unique and heartwarming conclusion to Fia’s adventurous night out. Whether it’s enjoying cookies for breakfast or dreaming about Uncle Jaxter, each outcome adds a delightful twist to the story.

Throughout the game, Fia’s sweet tooth and innocent curiosity are on full display, making for a truly heartening gameplay experience.

A Teaser for What’s to Come?

While the game is a delightful standalone experience, it may also offer a glimpse into a larger world of characters and stories, possibly connected to other games by Arcade Kitten. The game’s release during the holiday season adds an extra layer of charm, making it a perfect treat for players of all ages.

Whether it’s a standalone gem or a teaser for more adventures to come, Fia’s Night Out is a heartwarming delight for anyone seeking a bit of innocent fun and sweetness in their gaming experience.

So, why not take a break from the intense action and complex narratives? Step into Fia’s Night Out and embrace the pure joy of a wholesome adventure!

The Normal & Fine Night Out – ALL ENDINGS

Experience the heartwarming world of Fia’s Night Out here and immerse yourself in a world of innocence and wonder!

Spread the joy and share Fia’s Night Out with friends and family. It’s a charming escape into a world where everything is normal and fine!

After all, who doesn’t love a story that’s wholesome and heartwarming? So go ahead and embark on this delightful adventure today!

The Normal & Fine Night Out – ALL ENDINGS