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    The new Team Samurai for King of Fighters XV has been revealed. New Fatal Fury game announced

    Today, during the Grand Finals of the King of Fighters XV tournament at EVO 2022, SNK announced the fourth team to appear as part of Team Pass 2.

    The new team announced by the main producer Yasuyuki Oda is Team Samurai, who introduced three characters from Samurai Shodown. The team includes Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Darley Dagger.

    We already know that Team Pass 3 will include crossplay, and now we know that it will include Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan.

    However, the biggest news from SNK comes about a new game. A new Fatal Fury/Garou game has been announced for now without details. Right now there is only one art, which you can see below.

    Incidentally, the tournament was won by ZJZ, who defeated ET in the All-Taiwan Grand Final. Both players used Team Khronen.

    As seen on PlayGround

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