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    The neural network showed what would look like “Harry Potter” from Guy Ritchie

    The Midjourney neural network presented the characters of Harry Potter as if films about the wizard were directed by Guy Ritchie. A video with the introduction of the characters has appeared on the network.

    The heroes of the franchise have become more brutal. For example, Potter has tattoos and a beefy body, while Hagrid has changed his usual umbrella for a pistol with a silencer. The neural network also showed Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy and other characters in the universe.

    The plot of the video is not much different from the original films: Harry Potter also receives a letter from Hogwarts and protects the world from the criminal Voldemort, who killed his parents. A distinctive feature was the use of an abundance of profanity by the characters.

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