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    The neural network drew impressive concept art for Metro 2033

    A user named Musicmaker1984 decided to use modern neural network developments to create images based on Metro 2033. Using an AI tool called Kandinsky, he was able to create impressive concept art of the game. The neural network was able to perfectly convey the original atmosphere of the shooter.

    In general, the images turned out to be slightly surreal, but the gloom of the world of the Metro 2033 series was conveyed very accurately.

    Through his work in the field of neural networks, shared user under the nickname Dragontape. In his case, he used the work of the closed community Midjourney and concentrated on the scenery of Metro 2033.

    He got more picturesque and vibrant images that are very different from the game. However, his experiment with AI perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the original books.

    As seen on PlayGround

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