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    The network leaked information about the first story DLC for Dying Light 2

    The first likely story DLC for Dying Light 2 has been discovered by dataminers, and it could be about gladiator fights in a new location called Opera.

    Dying Light 2 was supposed to receive its first major story DLC last month, but as you may remember, developer Techland decided to delay the release as they need more time to optimize and polish to make the game as interesting as possible for all Dying Light fans. 2.

    The details of the DLC have yet to be officially revealed, but some details and in-game footage have been leaked online showing that it will be a gladiator-themed expansion with a new large arena.

    The footage was shared by YouTuber Bub, who revealed all the data mined from the latest v1.4.0 update, confirming that the DLC story will eventually lead players to the Opera, where the main story events will take place.

    Below is a breakdown of the leaked information:

    • The story obviously has two endings.
    • 2000 dialogue fragments and 1000 stage directions prefixed with “dlg_opera”
    • New 3D models and prefabs with “dlc-opera” and “dlc-1” prefixes, including the opera house, “opera+gladiator” style NPCs, and more.
    • The Opera has several areas available, including a large battle area, a warrior room, a prison, and more.
    • Players increase their rank in the Arena and progress through the storyline by fighting in the Arena
    • New weapons and equipment for each victory “The farther, the better equipment.”

    You can check out some of the new areas in the new Opera location in the video, but be aware that there are a lot of missing textures and objects, so you won’t get the full picture. The new location looks pretty exciting, and the concept of gladiator fights seems intriguing, especially if the story comes to fruition.

    It will also be interesting to see if the Arena will have some kind of multiplayer aspect so that players can compete against each other or at least try to beat each other’s score.

    Considering that the assets and information about the DLC were found in the game files of the latest update, it is possible that Techland will soon reveal more details about the first major DLC for Dying Light 2.

    Announcing the delay, Techland revealed that the release date for the first DLC is set for September 2022, so it shouldn’t be long before we can see more new content.

    As seen on PlayGround

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