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    The name of the director for the Hollywood remake of the anime “Your Name” has become known

    Hollywood has not forgotten about the phenomenal success of the anime “Your Name” from Makoto Shinkai and continues to prepare a film adaptation of the tape. As it became known, the director of the film-remake will be Carlos Lopez Estrada, who distinguished himself with an excellent production of the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

    According to Deadline, the new director of the remake will also be in charge of writing the script. Previously, Mark Webb and Lee Isaac Chan were listed as film adaptations of the anime, but they decided to abandon the project, giving way to younger directors.

    The Hollywood remake of the anime “Your Name” will move the setting of the tape to the United States, but will retain the original idea of ​​\u200b\u200bMakoto Shinkai and adapt some elements of the plot to the standards of a big movie.

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