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    The most popular mod for Gotham Knights is the one that removes Batgirl’s cape

    The most popular mod for Gotham Knights right now is one that allows players to either remove or shorten Batgirl’s cape.

    The game is only a week old, and there are already some pretty interesting mods for it. Some of them are really useful, like the mod that speeds up the Batcycle and all movement options, while others are more cosmetic and add some of Batman’s most famous costumes. There are also more specific mods.

    On NexusMods, the most downloaded and popular mod available right now is Batgirl short cape and no cape option, which allows players to remove or shorten Batgirl’s cape. Once the player unlocks Bats’ movement mechanic, gliding, they permanently change all of her outfits to much longer ones than at the beginning of the game, which usually go down to her feet, deliberately resembling the way Batman wears his cape.

    I probably don’t need to explain why gamers want to change this fact, but just in case you can’t read between the lines – people want to see Batgirl’s ass. Here’s the first comment made on the mod: “Well done bro! To be honest, I can’t wait to see Batgirl’s bare ass.” Another reads: “Works great, thanks. Now I can enjoy watching Batgirl’s hot ass.”

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