The Most Expensive Game Ever and Gameshark Returns!



The Most Expensive Game Ever, GameShark Returns & More: A Round-Up of the Latest Gaming News

On January 12th, 2024, Jake Baldino presented viewers with a comprehensive round-up of the latest gaming news. From the most expensive game ever to the return of GameShark, there was no shortage of exciting updates. Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights from the video:

The Star Citizen $48,000 Game Pack

The much-talked-about Star Citizen game announced a pack priced at a staggering $48,000. This bundle includes digital ships and assets, available only to select-tier players. Despite the eye-popping price tag, it seems to have garnered interest from some of its dedicated fans. With ongoing development and continuous updates, the game has managed to attract a dedicated player base, as evident from the influx of money and continual improvements to its impressive game engine.

GameShark Revival as AI Shark

GameShark, the classic game enhancement brand, is making a comeback under the new name “AI Shark,” far from its traditional form. The revival aims to assist casual players with real-time hints and game improvement, marking a new chapter in the brand’s history.

The Most Expensive Game Ever and Gameshark Returns!

Suicide Squad: Previews & Reactions

Previews for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have been released, sparking various reactions. While some critics were unimpressed, others hinted that the game might improve with more extensive playtime. As anticipation for the game’s release grows, it remains an intriguing topic of discussion among gamers.

Upcoming Xbox Announcement & Other Reveals

Xbox announced an upcoming developer-focused event, where they plan to unveil details about the much-anticipated Indiana Jones game. In addition, previews for Pacific Drive, a unique Sci-Fi driving game, and the revival of classic RPG Golden Sun on Nintendo Switch Online were also discussed.

Hardware Updates: New DualSense & PS5 Slim Colors

On the hardware front, a leaked update for the PS5 DualSense controller, boasting significantly improved battery life, has stirred excitement among the gaming community. Additionally, new colorways for the PS5 Slim were unveiled at CES, alongside other innovations and updates in the gaming hardware industry.

With a diverse range of gaming updates and announcements, it’s an exciting time for gamers of all stripes. Stay tuned for more developments and remember to spread the love for gaming!

For a more detailed overview, you can watch the full video here.

The Most Expensive Game Ever and Gameshark Returns!

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The Most Expensive Game Ever and Gameshark Returns!