The MCU’s Secret Weapon Revealed


Blade is MCU's Secret Weapon

Blade: A Game-Changer for Marvel?

Among the many surprises at The Game Awards 2023, Bethesda’s upcoming Blade game made an exciting first appearance. Developed by Arkane Studios Lyon, this third-person action game brings players into the world of Marvel’s iconic vampire hunter. This reveals a natural fit between the character and the gaming experience, prompting questions about why it’s taken two decades for a new Blade game to emerge. But what role will the new game and the upcoming movie reboot play in shaping Marvel’s future?

The Original Blade Movie

Marvel’s earlier brush with bankruptcy in the 1990s put the company on shaky ground. While its comics slowly rebounded with select titles, it was Marvel’s Hollywood deals that ultimately saved the day. Amid this, the release of the original Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes marked a turning point for Marvel. Despite being relatively obscure and arriving at a time when superhero movies weren’t guaranteed box office hits, Blade was a resounding success. With a worldwide gross of $131.2 million against its $45 million budget, the film became one of the most well-regarded pre-MCU movies.

Additionally, Wesley Snipes’ portrayal of Blade and the film’s stylish direction by Stephen Norrington have since become defining standards for the character, influencing media adaptations and even reshaping the comic book version of the character.

The MCU’s Secret Weapon Revealed

Blade as Marvel’s Secret Weapon

Blade’s mainstream success at a critical time helped Marvel weather the storm of the 1990s, shaping it as the company’s “secret weapon”. In 2025, Marvel is poised to revive the character both on the big screen and in the gaming world, hinting at the potential rejuvenation Blade could bring to the company once again.

The Upcoming Blade Movie and Game

The 2025 Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali holds significance as one of the rare R-rated MCU movies, targeting older audiences and introducing a horror-centric tone. This darker approach provides fresh ground for Marvel to explore and diversify its cinematic universe, potentially signaling a shift towards more intimate, character-driven storytelling akin to the original Blade movie.

Meanwhile, Bethesda’s Blade game comes at a time when Marvel is revving up its presence in the gaming world. Amidst the abundance of Spider-Man and Avengers titles, the game presents an opportunity for Marvel to showcase the gaming potential of lesser-known characters and explore dynamic, player-driven storytelling.

Marvel’s Future with Blade

As Marvel navigates a period of mixed receptions to its recent releases, Blade’s resurgence could represent a turning point for the company, offering it a new lens through which to reimagine its storytelling. The character’s resurgence, both in cinemas and gaming, may offer the breath of fresh air that Marvel needs to revitalize and reinvent itself.

Whether these new projects will indeed be Marvel’s cure-all remains to be seen, but the potential for Blade to once again be the company’s secret weapon cannot be overlooked. As Marvel continues to evolve and adapt, reviving the iconic vampire hunter may be exactly what the company needs to conquer new frontiers in storytelling and entertainment.

The MCU’s Secret Weapon Revealed

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The MCU’s Secret Weapon Revealed